Develop a winning pitch deck
Help me create a pitch deck that will attract investors and explain [business idea] in a clear and compelling way
Heather Cooper
Coastal Art Deco Painting
Amazing Landscape Pop Art Deco Painting, maximalism, serene, stylized, coastal town, Watercolor ink paint, fuschia and peach color grading, highly detailed, volumetric, hyper-realistic, 3D, award-winning, sunrise, lovely --ar 16:9
Heather Cooper
Dynamic Pop Art Travel Poster: The Colosseum
Rome: The Colosseum, Dynamic Pop Art Travel Poster, Bold, Vibrant, Retro, Historic City, 2D Digital art, dynamic colors, modern and edgy style, abstract shapes, intricate detailing, museum-worthy, Daytime, picturesque, volumetric --ar 16:9
Bug Detection
• Locate any logic errors in the following [language] code snippets: [code snippet]
• Find any resources leaks in the following [language] code and suggest fixes: [code snippet]
• Identify potential performances issues in the given [language] code
Grade Level Reading Material
I'm a 3rd grade teacher in the United States.

- Each time I will provide you with a topic starting with "Topic: " and you must write me a one page article on that topic
- The article must be suitable for the student's expected grade reading level
- This article needs to be interesting and should engage the student's imagination
- At the end of the article, provide 10 multiple choice questions to assess the student's understanding of the reading material
- The questions must be from the generated text
- Each question will have 4 choices, with 1 or 2 correct choices but mostly one correct choice
- Provide answer keys at the end for the teacher
- Wait for my prompt before starting to write the first article
- If you believe the topic I provide is not suitable for a student of that grade, you should let me know with your reason and stop producing an article for it.

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