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Quick landing page builder

60sec.site is a landing page generator that enables users to create custom landing pages for their SaaS, Product, or Shopify app within a minute. The tool incorporates AI to create content based on the user's idea and features, and the site is SEO ready, equipped with analytics, and has a call-to-action feature. Users can use their own custom domain, and various themes and colors are available. The site is optimized for SEO and speed and has an email collection form, built-in analytics, and a straightforward UI. Custom scripts for chats, advanced pixels, and analytics are included. The tool is perfect for validating ideas, collecting a whitelist of first users, creating a landing page for affiliates, and building an online presence for services, events, or products.

- AI-powered content generation
- SEO optimization
- Analytics feature
- Call-to-action options
- Use of custom domain
- Various themes and color schemes
- Optimized for speed
- Email collection form
- Straightforward UI
- Custom scripts for chats, advanced pixels, and analytics

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