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Collaborative Google ad creator

AdCreative.ai is a tool for creating AI-powered ad creatives and banners that can boost conversions for businesses. Key features include conversion-focused creatives, AI-driven insights, and integration with various advertising platforms. The tool offers plans that range from $29/month to $149/month and discounts on yearly plans, as well as $500 in free Google Ads credits. AdCreative.ai offers the ability to generate an unlimited number of creatives, use an unlimited number of free stock images, and utilize Text Generator AI to generate ad texts and headlines. By creating a brand, users can upload a logo, brand colors, brand descriptions, and connect ad accounts, allowing the machine-learning model to tailor creative designs and predictions to the brand. The tool also provides Creative Insights Pro, which can analyze creatives and provide insights on performance. The tool offers multi-user access for better collaboration among team members.
- Conversion-focused creatives
- AI-driven insights
- Integration with Google, Facebook, ADYOUNEED, and Zapier
- Up to 25 users can work simultaneously
- Plans range from $29/month to $149/month with discounts on yearly plans
- $500 in free Google Ads credits
- Unlimited generations and use of free stock images
- Text Generator AI feature for generating ad texts and headlines
- Brand creation to tailor designs to a specific brand
- Creative Insights Pro for analysis of creative performance

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