Addy AI

Addy AI

AI email assistant for productivity

Addy AI is an AI email assistant that uses machine learning to offer custom email writing options. Users can select a preferred tone and style, and the tool can automatically draft messages based on conversation context. The free Chrome extension is accessible and currently in beta. Addy AI caters to a range of professionals, including executives, entrepreneurs, and real estate managers. It can eliminate writer's block by providing AI-generated suggestions and boosts productivity by streamlining email writing. With over 220,000 hours saved, Addy AI is a great tool for anyone who wants to improve email communication.

- Choose from various tones and set a default tone for frequent use
- Draft emails based on conversation context using AI technology
- Free and easily accessible Chrome extension
- Boost productivity and save time in email writing
- Customizable options for formal or casual correspondence
- Overcome writer's block with AI-generated suggestions
- Caters to professionals including executives and real estate managers
- Streamlines and enhances email communication
- Can be used for personal and business emails
- Offers a variety of options and tailored writing styles to choose from.

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