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AI Prompt Randomizer

AI Prompt Randomizer

AI generator for writers and artists

Summary: The AI Prompt Randomizer tool generates creative prompts based on user-defined variables for writing, art or brainstorming purposes. Customizable prompt templates and various variables including adjectives, who, verbs, clothes, colors and styles are available. The tool eliminates the need for users to come up with ideas and provides an endless stream of prompts through API access or copying as JSON or array.
- Customizable prompt templates
- Variable options for adjectives, who, verbs, clothes, colors, and styles
- Generated prompts can be copied as JSON or array
- API access for prompt generation
- Endless stream of prompts for inspiration and creativity
Use Cases:
- Writers seeking inspiration for stories or characters
- Artists looking for ideas for their next artwork
- Educators creating engaging activities for students
- Brainstorming sessions for creative projects

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