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BlockSurvey is a privacy-focused survey platform that enables digital rights for users by placing data ownership with the user rather than the platform provider. The platform encrypts all data end to end and grants users exclusive access to their information, which eliminates issues of data breaches, leaks, and trust. BlockSurvey's modern design system uses blockchain technology to protect users' ideas and insights gathered from people through data collection. With BlockSurvey, you can use AI to create forms and conduct private, secure, and anonymous surveys. The platform's intuitive, branded surveys features doubled completion rates, and the absence of ads, trackers, or cookies eliminates privacy, security, and confidentiality risks. A community of over 500 members trusts BlockSurvey to send their forms and surveys.

- Enables digital rights for users
- Users have exclusive ownership of their data
- The platform encrypts all data end to end
- Protects users' ideas and insights gathered from data collection
- Uses blockchain technology to ensure transparency and data security
- Allows for AI-powered form creation
- Conduct private, secure, and anonymous surveys
- No ads, trackers or cookies on the platform
- Intuitive and branded surveys with doubled completion rates
- Trusted by over 500 members for sending forms and surveys

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